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From black box to blockchain, BabyAI is here to democratize Consumer AI

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BabyAI makes AI easy and rewards users for every prompt they generate!

BabyAI is a one-stop platform that connects users to the top generative AI applications in text, image and (soon) video. BabyAI makes it easy for anyone to leverage generative AI technology via expert prompt engineering that is built-in to the platform. Creators can also convert their AI artwork into digital collectibles with one-click using the BabyAI NFT minter.

BabyAI uses the power of Web3 token economies to offer a robust incentives structure that blows away Web2 competitors. Users are rewarded with AIBS token for every prompt they generate.  AIBS rewards help to gamify the user experience which keeps users coming back for more!

  • Catered to specific use-cases
  • Include built-in expert prompt generation
  • Reward users
  • Tokenize data ownership

BabyAI.the story.

Founded by the Baby Samo Coin Team.

The Baby Samo team has decades of combined experience in crypto and machine learning. Baby Samo led innovations in Solana as one of the first to develop NFT staking infrastructure on-chain, and the first to enable users to exchange and burn NFTs for fungible tokens. Over the past two years the Baby Samo community known as the "Arf Arf Army" has grown a ton! Scaled to 38K+ followers on Twitter with over 8K unique BABY holders.

Bring Ai to the Masses & Onboard to Crypto
  1. Bring AI to the masses. Target the average person and onboard them into Web3.
  2. Leverage the power of a token economy to incentivize users, democratize ownership of data and accrue/distribute the value generated by BabyAI.
  3. Activate the existing Baby Samo community and reward BABY holders every step of the way.
AIBS is for the Community
  • Token Symbol: AIBS
  • Token Platform: Ethereum
  • Token Type: ERC-20
  • Contract Address: 0x72FB19743Ff48Dc600Cf3511E94E2E378F5a32cA
  • Fixed Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 (1 Trillion)


  • Utility Token for BabyAI Platform
  • Buyback and Burn AIBS with BabyAI Revenues
  • Tiered Reductions in Monthly Subscription Costs
  • Tokenized Ownership of BabyAI Data

AIBS token was stealth launched on the Ethereum blockchain with a $40,000 USD fully diluted market cap.

  • We onboard non-crypto natives
  • Expansion and growth of AI generation applications
  • Reward users for prompt generation
  • Using $AIBS profits we utilize Baby Samo buy backs and burns


Phase 1 - completed

feburary 2023 - pre launch

  • AIBS stealth launch
  • Inform community + airdrop opportunities to Arf Arf Army
  • Whitepaper
  • Website V1

Stratergy for Utility token of BabyAI website / apps Ownership and governance of BabyAI data.

Phase 2

spring 2023 - development

  • Meta Samo NFT release
  • Partnerships
  • UI/UX development

Onboarding non-crypto natives

BabyAI will release V2 of website which will test catered AI prompting to the masses. Begin marketing and launch Meta Samo NFT collection to supercharge initial development. 10% of AIBS tokens go to Meta Samo NFT holders.

Phase 3

Summer 2023 - bring ai to the masses

  • We onboard non-crypto natives
  • Additional promotion/partnerships and marketing
  • Using $AIBS profits we utilize Baby Samo buy backs and burns

To find out more, become part of the community and to find out more join our Discord.

No VCs. No Pre-Sales. No BS with AIBS

Utility Token for BabyAI Platform
Buyback & burns AIBS with BabyAI Revenues
Buy + distribute AIBS rewards into AIBS single-stake pool
Tiered reductions in monthly subscription costs
Tokenized ownership of BabyAi data

Contract address 0x72FB19743Ff48Dc600Cf3511E94E2E378F5a32cA

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