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Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019

Seamlessly integrated with your most popular apps!

What sets us apart?
Imagine the ease of combining the robust creativity of AI and instantly having your generated content in Gmail or Instagram ready to go.
Easily works with apps like these:
Triangle behind a mountain range made with structural grid like texture

How much time do you spend writing long emails and texts?

Automate it with babyAI

Create professional cover letters
Make sales with a cold email generator
Get your homework done faster with our Essay writer

Supercharge your Online social presence professionally or Personally

Automate it with babyAI

Instagram bios generators
Facebook statuses
Twitter, X generators

Merge your system workflow to make your job easier

Automate it with babyAI

Automate emails and texts professionally
Generate statuses and Instagram posts
Chat instantly with BabyAi chatbot from the app

Reward Users. Tokenize data Ownership. cater to specific use case. Expert prompts.

BabyAI makes AI easy and rewards users for every prompt they generate!

BabyAI not only empowers your creativity but also rewards your efforts at every turn.
Get ready to unleash your imagination and watch your rewards grow with every AI creation you make. BabyAI –
Where creativity meets rewards, and innovation is celebrated!
Marketing Angles
Google Ads
Cold Emails


From marketing strategies to product innovations, our generator provides you with a constant stream of inspiration to propel your startup to new heights.
Academic Writer
Cover Letters
Script Writer


Our prompt engineers have perfected our writing generators for professional and academic referencing, SEO and more. So you can create professional writing for your job, university or personal projects.
Youtube scripts
Twitter Thread
Lyrics Generator

Content Creators

BabyAI is the perfect tool for leveling up your content creation from lyrics to professional script writing.
Recipe Generator
Email Writer
Instagram bio


Embrace the freedom of automation as our AI assistant takes care of mundane tasks, freeing up your valuable time.

Generate regular rewards

Hello! I am james Robertson

Convenient AI Chatbot Designed with personality and Unbeatable UI

Try Chatbot Now!

BabyAI the story

Envisioning a future where this cutting-edge technology effortlessly harmonizes with our everyday routines.

Born from the belief that AI has the transformative power to enhance our daily experiences, BabyAI emerges as the brainchild of a dedicated team striving for a more seamlessly integrated and practical application of artificial intelligence.

Our team is passionately devoted to crafting an ecosystem where AI becomes an indispensable ally, not just for tech experts, but for every individual seeking a smoother, faster pace in their daily endeavors. Through our innovative approach, we strive to pave the way for a world where AI isn't a distant enigma, but a trusted companion, liberating us from the mundane and amplifying our capabilities.

Lifestyle and professional upgrade for everyone
BabyAI isn't just about technology; it's a journey towards a lifestyle upgrade, where AI becomes the silent yet efficient assistant, working diligently in the background to elevate our productivity and overall experience. Join us in this transformative journey where AI seamlessly integrates into the tapestry of our lives, making everyday tasks effortless and empowering us to achieve more in less time."
AIBS is for the Community
  • Token Symbol: AIBS
  • Token Platform: Ethereum
  • Token Type: ERC-20
  • Contract Address: 0x72FB19743Ff48Dc600Cf3511E94E2E378F5a32cA
  • Fixed Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 (1 Trillion)


  • Utility Token for BabyAI Platform
  • Buyback and Burn AIBS with BabyAI Revenues
  • Tiered Reductions in Monthly Subscription Costs
  • Tokenized Ownership of BabyAI Data

AIBS token was stealth launched on the Ethereum blockchain with a $40,000 USD fully diluted market cap.

  • We onboard non-crypto natives
  • Expansion and growth of AI generation applications
  • Reward users for prompt generation
  • Using $AIBS profits we utilize Baby Samo buy backs and burns

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